Sound, Lighting Hire for Weddings

Event lighting in ballroom

Having a wedding ceremony in Dubai is one of the most sought-after celebrations in the world, so you can expect the after-party will have the same high expectations.

With any wedding, most guests remember the events after a ceremony, especially the sounds, lights and entertainment for the celebration.

You can expect A7 Events to offer you a complete audiovisual wedding package to make the day an unforgettable experience. Let us design a package for your memorable day where we cater for all your tastes.

Nothing is off the table in terms of creating a luxury atmosphere to remember. Let us use our expert knowledge and advanced entertainment systems to bring that wow factor to your celebration. Choose from a vast range of audio and visual supplies such as :

  • Professional speaker systems,
  • Large LED screens,
  • Fog machines,
  • Trussing,
  • Lighting displays,
  • Microphones and sound mixers,
  • A DJ for the evening.

By choosing us, we will take the stress away from organising and managing all required audiovisual systems. Our specialist team have organised even the most complex event, and we take care of all matters of planning, installation and producing.

Let us help you even further by creating a wedding package that’s unique to you. We will talk directly with your venue or wedding planner to organise and understand where we are installing your hired equipment. From there, we can design a scene which will suit the space and your requirements.

What audio and visual equipment do I need?

Outdoor Event lighting at Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah, Dubai on box truss structure

As with any event, any AV equipment you choose should heighten the atmosphere you are trying to create. To do this, we can help create a concept for the evening.

The first step is to identify your wedding venue. Where is the after-party going to take place? By answering this question first, we can understand the space that we are required to cover. Additionally, we can contact your venue directly to ensure we understand any noise restrictions, curfews or installation restrictions.

Once we have this information, we can distinguish where we will be placing any AV equipment. Further questions will also help us identify a general layout. Will you require a staging area? Do you need a large dance floor with extensive lighting?

It’s from here we can start with the very basics and then add additional AV supplies from there. These basics will be the number of speakers required, the coverage of lighting and in which areas.

What speakers do you provide?

As standard, we provide the very highest quality sound systems with a sophisticated sound mixer. What this means for you is the benefit of fewer speakers for your wedding celebration compared to cheaper alternative sound systems. Therefore, we can lower the costs of supplying more than needed speakers for optimal sound.

Not only do we provide the sound system, but we also supply microphones for the highlight of the evening, the speeches. This way, you can be sure all your wedding guests will hear you loud and clear.

What lighting systems can you provide?

To create the mind blowing experience your guests deserve, we want to have that stunning visual lighting show to match the ambience.

A7 Events will supply a whole range of lighting systems to produce an unforgettable light show. Available to hire are:

  • Moving lights Beams,
  • Spots,
  • Washes,
  • LED Parcans,
  • Face lights,
  • Framing Lights,
  • Lighting Consoles.

Unsure of what systems you need? Let us take the stress away by designing a lighting system based on your budget and needs.

Furthermore, we will design and install in required trussing to hold the lights (and speakers) for the event.

Should I have LED screens at my wedding?

A fantastic addition to modern weddings is the ability to hire our large LED screens to display in your venue. What we have seen in recent years is our married couples using these to add another visual element to the evening.

Add that personal touch, display fond memories of your relationship with romantic photos showcased throughout the evening, on our high-quality screens.

Another option is to live stream a social media feed to the LED screen, with all the latest photos and messages from the evening.

Can you supply fog or smoke machines?

Another fantastic addition to any celebration is fog machines on the dance floor.

No first dance is complete without the bride and groom slow dancing with a white mist around their feet. Combine this with the lighting effects so your guests will be eager to get up and dance the evening away.

All our fog machines to hire are of professional quality and we have an option to have different kinds of scents with it.

Do I need to hire someone to manage my AV equipment for my event?

A7 Events are here to manage all aspects of your wedding party from installation to departure. Right from the start, we will help organise with your chosen wedding venue on setting up the AV systems you have hired. Our motto is to offer a completely transparent service, so you will know exactly where the audio and visual equipment is to go.

What’s more, on the day you can hire our DJ to manage all the systems mentioned above. We want your day to be magical, so our wedding packages contain a full understanding of :

  • A music playlist,
  • Timed events (first dance, speeches),
  • Light show ideas (if required),
  • LED screen visual planning.

Should you have hired your own DJ for the day, then they should be able to operate our AV systems and incorporate any other media they bring along. All our equipment to hire remain fully insured for your wedding celebration.

If your DJ is unsure on our systems, they can always contact us beforehand to check compatibility.