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Sound is one of the most critical aspects when it comes to the success of any event.

With one of the best sound hire inventory in the UAE, you can be sure to find all the equipment you need for your event right here.

Our team can chart out the perfect combination of systems to deliver high-fidelity acoustics for your event. We have invested in top-notch sound equipment from the top brands worldwide to ensure a surreal experience for the audience.


Creative lighting is essential to add effect, highlight and enhance the atmosphere. We have a large stock of indoor and outdoor lighting equipment available for rent to create breathtaking lighting for your events.

From simple up-lighting to complex light shows, our team will turn your vision into reality.

Our established relationships with the leading lighting brands allow us to provide you with the latest lighting equipment selection at competitive prices.

Moving head lighting beams
Aluminium truss


Trussing is the final piece of the puzzle after lights and sound equipment to help create an eye-catching environment.

Our team helps design and provide the perfect architecture for your event. We have cutting edge trussing components and systems available for rental for a wide range of applications.

We maintain the highest industry standards and have expert installers in-house to perform all our trussing installation. You can trust every piece of trussing is securely and safely mounted, ready for action. 

LED Screens

We provide an extensive range of cutting edge LED screens, TVs and other interactive solutions for your outdoor and indoor events.

You can choose from different sizes, configurations and at different price points depending on your usage.

Experienced and qualified professionals set up all LED screens to ensure your screen is pixel-perfect for maximum impact.   

LED Screen at Corporate event in Dubai


We stock an extensive quantity of Prolyte & Eurotruss Stage for your outdoor and indoor events.

You can choose from different sizes and configurations depending on your requirement.


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Every event is different, and it is not always easy to know what equipment you need.

We thoroughly consult with you to know more about your event and requirements. Based on our expert assessment, we provide you with a well integrated Audio Visual experience that fits your requirements and budget.

Our customer service is unmatched in the industry, and our prices are competitive to ensure our clients never have to think twice about using our services. Give us a call or drop in a message for a free consultation and to get a list of equipment and pricing.